Table of Contents


Directory Binary name Description README
cmd/cli ais AIS command line management utility CLI
cmd/aisloader aisloader AIS integrated load generator aisloader
cmd/aisnode aisnode AIS node (gateway or target) binary  
cmd/aisnodeprofile aisnode ... with profiling enabled  
cmd/authn authn Standalone server providing token-based secure access to AIS clusters AuthN
cmd/xmeta xmeta Low-level tool to format (or extract in plain text) assorted AIS metadata and control structures xmeta

NOTE: installed CLI executable is named ais.


Directory Binary name Description README
cmd/aisfs aisfs FUSE client for mounting a single bucket from AIStore aisfs

NOTE: aisfs is no longer actively supported and may be removed in the future.

Installing from GitHub

Generally, AIStore (cluster) requires at least some sort of deployment process or sequence.

Standalone binaries, on the other hand, can be built from source or installed directly from the latest or previous GitHub releases.

NOTE: binary installation is supported only for the linux-amd64 platform.

In particular:

$ ./deploy/scripts/ --help

NAME: - install 'ais' (CLI) and 'aisloader' from release binaries

  ./ [options...]

  --tmpdir <dir>        work directory, e.g. /root/tmp
  --dstdir <dir>        installation destination
  --release             e.g., v1.3.15, v1.3.16, latest (default: latest)
  --completions         install and enable _only_ CLI autocompletions (ie., skip installing binaries)

NOTE: For CLI, the script will also enable auto-completions. CLI can be used without (bash, zsh) auto-completions but, generally, using using auto-completions is strongly recommended.

Example: download ‘ais’ and ‘aisloader’ binaries from the latest release

$ ./ --dstdir /tmp/qqq

Upon execution, the two specific linux-amd64 binaries, ready for usage, will be placed in /tmp/qqq destination.

Installing from source


The preferable way is to use Makefile:

$ make cli

builds AIS CLI from the local aistore repository and installs it in your $GOPATH/bin.

NOTE: installed CLI binary is named ais.

Alternatively, you could also use go install:

$ go install` && mv $GOPATH/bin/cli $GOPATH/bin/ais

To install CLI auto-completions, you could also, and separately, use cmd/cli/


Makefile way:

$ make aisloader

But again, you could also use go install:

$ go install


xmeta is a low-level utility to format (or extract and show) assorted AIS control structures - see usage.

For command line options and usage examples, simply run xmeta with no arguments:

$ xmeta
Usage of xmeta:
  -f string ...
        # Smap:
        xmeta -x -in=~/.ais0/.ais.smap      - extract Smap to STDOUT

To install, run:

$ make xmeta

OR, same:

$ cd cmd/xmeta
$ go install